Knock us on our asses. We are open to most genres, but you have to stand out-- striking characters, unusual stories, your best writing. We want your best noir, crime, science fiction and speculative fiction, literary fiction, etc. We probably DON'T want your paranormal romance, young adult, erotica. We also don't want stories that emulate other author's styles, stories that play on popular tropes without changing anything about them. Keep it under 5,000 words. We are no longer reading poetry submissions.

All entries accepted for the online magazine will be for exposure only. 

Reprints are not accepted. Simultaneous submissions are okay. We ask for first rights and a six month window before the story is reprinted.

Please use standard manuscript formatting -- but DO NOT include your name or contact information in your manuscript. We read BLIND. If you include name or contact info in your submission, YOU WILL BE REJECTED. Again, keep it under 5,000 words, longer stories WILL BE REJECTED. Make sure you have your formatting, spelling, and grammar perfect, because if our team is on the fence about your story, the technical quality may be the thing that puts us one way or the other.